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Written by Benita Sedoc


Posted on November 20 2020

I haven’t blogged for a while because well, I have been frantically busy with making more masks and developing new products. I have also started to work   working with some incredibly young talented, creative individuals (read more about them on the about us page). We have been working around the clock on a Kickstarter campaign to the launch my bespoke ‘personalize’ your own Chelsea boot collection. As well as gearing up for some (virtual) holiday markets with new prints & styles for masks and hopefully new small leather goods and more accessories.

This August  our first ‘corporate order' came about through our friend Aleks, an amazing business woman and incredibly supportive friend.  So, I started working with a big factory in Brooklyn, like imagine thousands and thousands of mask made daily. To meet their minimum quantity order, I added new materials like sport mesh and even more beautiful Liberty London prints to the mix. But when I received the first batch of the Persephone print, half the units had the flowers were upside down.  Yikes, couldn't sell those so I thought donating would be the next best thing. 

Instantly the not-for-profit BloomAgainBklyn came to mind. BloomAgainBklyn is one of those organizations that brings joy to many people's lives but you probably haven't heard of them.  I called Caroline Gates-Anderson, the founder and inspirational leader, and asked if she was interested in a batch of mis-matched masks for her volunteers. When she received them she mailed me: ‘Benita, the masks are just beautiful and so comfortable! The Liberty London masks are elegant! Love to distribute to my volunteers.’  Everyone knows, when you donate something, be it money, time or goods, you receive instant good karma and when that is followed by a personal message like the one Caroline sent, it made my day.

So, another phone call later (old fashion I know) the idea of a collaboration was born, this time with the print - right side up.    

About BloomAgainBklyn

Caroline Gates-Anderson, started BloomAgainBklyn in 2014. Every week she, her husband Rick Anderson and her talented team of volunteers,  'harvest' and disassemble donated flowers, give them a fresh cut and fresh water and sort them to create beautiful, original arrangements. Since 2014 BloomAgainBklyn has delivered over 70,000 flower arrangements to senior health care centers - (like Cobble Hill Health Center), homebound seniors, trauma and homeless survivors and others in need throughout Brooklyn. 

At BloomAgainBklyn's 1st gala  in 2019,  Tony was honored and  I was just really taken by the warmth and positive energy of the evening. It was held in the historic Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn), which by the way is well worth a visit once we can freely move around again.  Exquisite floral arrangements straight from Martha's Magazine,  decorated the space -  all made composed from repurposed donated flowers by the talented staff and volunteers of BloomAgainBklyn.  The event was just beautiful non-stuffy flowing with genuinely warm conversations, delicious finger foods and flower crowns for every woman’s head. It was also the first time I met Caroline and Rick from BloomAgainBklyn in person. Their positive energy and passion about their organization was contagious. We made plans to invite them for dinner after Tony’s retirement in January but Covid put a hard stop to our social life. 

Due to Covid restrictions, they ‘lost’ their assembly location and over the past 6 months they hopped around from various outdoor (private) gardens, even landing on Governors Island, all to keep true to their mission  -Last Thursday, Daniela and I visited their workshop and met so many of the wonderful talented people who make up this mighty group of volunteers.  We had a wonderful time helping with the making arrangements for Cobble Hill Health Center in Brooklyn and also got to deliver them doorstep and catch up with some of the incredible frontline workers.

BloomAgainBklyn has brought so much joy to many who may not regularly receive flowers or visitors while creating positive interactions between volunteers and recipients that we felt that supporting their important mission fits perfectly with our desire to give back back to the community.

I would so appreciate it if you would add the beautiful Liberty London Persephone mask to your purchase or holiday gift list. If not for yourself, I know this pretty little one will brighten a loved one's day.

Be safe and be well,




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The Persephone is a Liberty London print in Tana Lawn, featuring a charming floral repeating motif taking inspiration from the Arts & Craft Movement. Tana Lawn is feather light, feels like silk but tightly woven exclusively developed by Liberty London.