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DS7 There is only 1 direction and that is forward

Written by Benita Sedoc


Posted on March 09 2021


October 2020, we are a good 7 months into the pandemic and I am still making masks, WOW. What started as a way to keep going has become a revenue stream as well as path forward.  Like many of us, I couldn't even in my wildest dreams envision where we are now, as a world and as a small business.  The design studio has been invaded by beautiful fabrics  and prototypes of masks, elastics and clear boxes - got to store the masks somewhere. Every week new products in need to be photographed and orders need to be shipped.

A few weeks ago, in lieu of our usual Fall European trip, Tony and I took a week off,  packed up the car and our lovely Libby and took off to Martha's Vineyard for one glorious week. The minute we stepped on the ferry, we exhaled and inhaled fresh sea air and instantly committed to limited political news and lots of walks. The small but lovely and romantic house for 2 (and a dog) had everything we loves, minimal decor, deck over looking distant water views, outdoor shower and large patch of garden, mini forest for Libby to roam freely and a rustic local bakery called Orange Peel run by a local Aquinnah woman 2 minutes away.  We slept, cooked, went for beach walks and genuinely rested, no trains or sirens, no Uhaul bright lights.  With almost no neighbors, we took little daily road trips, visited old favorites, discovered new ones  - blue cheese from the Grey Barn Farm  and blueberry pie from Morning Glory Farm. On our last evening we met up my cousin and his lovely family and closed out our nature bath trip with warm -Covid- distance embraces.

This Martha's Vineyard trip also gave me space to clear my head and re-evaluate my concept and business plan for Design Studio 7 and forge a path forward. A lot in my head, little actual work done.... However we both emerged with a clearer idea on how to adapt our February mindset and goals to present day reality with 2021 on the horizon. Since then we have assembled a great team of young students and professionals to work with us and are setting the wheel in motion to launch our bespoke footwear and small leather goods collection. While I can't divulge to much, I am immensely proud to announce that we have partnered up to launch a limited edition Liberty London mask with a wonderful not-for-profit called Bloom Again Brooklyn. BloomagainBLKN is led by the wonderful Caroline and Rick ..., since.....(Sam







October 2020, a good 6 months into the pandemic and still making masks. What started as a way to keep going has become a