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My husband, Tony is an Englishman living in Brooklyn. He is a born and bred Londoner.  We visit his hometown a few times a year and trips to Liberty and Fortnum & Mason's tea parlors are always on our agenda. Liberty London is one of the few classic luxury emporiums remaining in the World. For me, each visit is an inspiration; an immersion in fashion, style and design. I often feel like 'Alice falling into the rabbit hole' as I can spend hours and hours there.  

Every floor feeds my passion for fashion; the innovative visual merchandising is always respectful of the classic architecture of the building. The ground floor accessories and shoe parlor are a true feast for an accessory & footwear nutcase (professional) like me. There are always new brands to discover and their range of brands vary from true luxury to affordable quality fashion. 

A visit is not complete without a trip to the fabric floor, preferably alone to indulge in all those projects that exist in my imagination. Just having a feel of all the luscious silks, the Tana Cotton and luxurious velvets are as good as their tea service!

Upholstery project coming soon...

When we started making masks, buying some of the iconic Liberty fabrics for the collection was an absolute must.  Selecting from the many prints of my screen and imagining them in a tiny mask was quite a project late at night. As a fan of Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) and Art Deco periods it was a sheer joy to see updated color versions of their classic designs.  Our mask collection features some 'eye catching' botanicals and my personal favorite print, the iconic Ianthe in blue & purple.

Some of the fabrics are limited production so get them while you can...

MASKS that frame your face and enhance the best feature of  every human being...YOUR EYES.

February 2020,  With best friends Kathy & John, Tony & me  at Liberty London restaurant having AFTERNOON TEA.